No Distance in Prayer

 Our brothers and sisters in Japanwho are still suffering and recovering from their waves of anguish, and our loved ones in our USA, Alabama and other Southern states where many are left homeless or dead, are in our prayers.

 We ask God to send them assistance, and as we pray, there are many who are responding to help.  First on the scene are usually Samaritans Purse and Operation Blessing, but they are not alone. 

Rushing to help are Local churches, Firemen, Carpenters, business persons, and a host of others to help rebuild and give immediate aid and comfort.

“Father God, we are a long distance away in time and space to help our brethren, but we do ask that you give wisdom to those who have received financial aid, however small to help provide food and medicine to the hurting.

In You, O God there is no time and distance, and even now may you reach out to give comfort to those suffering grief and loss.

We understand that the earth is groaning and that the soon return of our Lord Jesus is anxiously awaiting the trumpet call.  We know that disaster does not come from you, and that the curse caused by Adam and Eve will soon be broken.

 For now, there are many who need your comfort and kind embrace.  Do reach out in your arms that know NO distance and touch them everyone.”




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Robert will be posting most of these articles, but Hazel will do an occcasional post too. We are retired from the construction business and now we are also retired ministers. At times we post a guest article. Nancy Kehr will post often. Our other blog sites are: and:
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