Got My Coffee, Got My Chair! Guest Post by Nancy Kehr

Got my coffee, got my chair
Kicking Back, a moment rare…

Thinking on some days gone by
Certain memories make me cry.

Tears of sadness, tears of bliss
Thanking God for, joyfulness

Wishing never, changed a thing
Only God can purpose bring

Life is shorter, than we see
Hurry, scurry….just to be

Looking back now, all too fast
Year have faded, into the past

The past is gone, cannot amend
Today is what I have to tend

I’m glad for Peace that Jesus brings
He gives purpose to everything

Shuffled around so, as a child
Uncertainty trained emotions, wild

It always was hard to believe
Let alone Love to receive

As a child my fears would worsen
But now I am another person

Contentment grows in me each day
I let God come and lead the way

Inside and out, He’s restored
Praise to Jesus! Praise You Lord!

He brought me to, His fountain deep
He said I would be His to keep

I remember, when we met
A place in time I won’t forget

From that day, there’s been a song
He built me up and made me strong

Now it’s my turn, just the same
To build up others in His Name

To help them see that their life matters
And God can patch up all their tatters

A warrior sturdy, of God’s own hand
My own devices cannot stand

That news I bring with clarion sounds
Deliverance flows, when God abounds

Though I can’t see my future time
I thank my God today is mine!

Got my coffee, got my chair
Zest for Life is in the air!!!

Thank you God, for another day!

2/24/11 Nancy Kehr on her Birthday


About moonsview

Robert will be posting most of these articles, but Hazel will do an occcasional post too. We are retired from the construction business and now we are also retired ministers. At times we post a guest article. Nancy Kehr will post often. Our other blog sites are: and:
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