Guest Post by daughter, Nancy Kehr

Let them Go! By Nancy Kehr 2/10/11

Past rejections, let them go
They can’t control you, so let them flow
So far away, no more they’ll scar
They have no power, to hurt and mar

Jesus freed you, let Him heal
His Life within you, will now reveal
How close to you, He’ll always dwell
Assuring you, all fears He’ll quell

Past mistakes are over and done
You are more than their total sum
Assaulting thoughts, try to condemn
Don’t yield at all, just run to Him!

Your were always, special indeed
God’s strength is what you really need
Accepting you with imperfection
He’s given you His own reflection

Guard your heart and bolt it tight
Think God’s thoughts, walk in His might
You overcome, by what He did
You’re blessed, you’re loved; you are His kid!


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Robert will be posting most of these articles, but Hazel will do an occcasional post too. We are retired from the construction business and now we are also retired ministers. At times we post a guest article. Nancy Kehr will post often. Our other blog sites are: and:
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