MEMORIES by Robert

Memories are sometimes uninvited guests of our mind. I can attest to that as fact for more times than I can count, something from the past will pop up, which was far from what I was already thinking about.

Memories are like seeds scattered by the wind anchoring in where they will. They occupy and have their abode in the brain cells, waiting for some stimulus to activate them and bring them to the surface.

Memories come in so many forms; some are pleasant. When they arrive, we experience the joy we first had by the event.

While salvation experiences vary, the truly born again one will relish remembering the moment of their salvation. The act of being transformed and life permeating the life spirit within was so dramatic that reliving the experience is always uplifting.

The memory of firsts can be both an edifying and a hurtful process.

The first job, and the first time losing your job.

Your first love, first kiss (not your mother.)

The first time saying “I love you” and then taking it back later because of being dumped.

The memories of regret, of doing something you wished you could erase, but it can’t be changed.

The sins of omission and commission things you shouldn’t have done and could have done. These weigh heavily on the conscience, and carry with them their share of pain.

This list is very long and each event has its’ own place in the mind. I am always amazed when something comes up out of the past that I haven’t thought of for years. For no reason it becomes to the forefront and I relive it over again.

Not all of the happening falls into place, and then I try to pull up more details concerning it, sometimes with success and sometimes not.

We try to keep the hurtful thing buried in the forgotten past, but sooner or later they are resurrected and the bitterness must be tasted again.

Memories are a fact of life and everyone will experience them.

The best we can do is to try to accentuate the positive, and eliminate the negative, and not allow mister in between to dominate our lives.

Though the past is forgiven, it is still alive in our memory banks and it is our responsibility to not allow it to dominate our present.

Each day is a new beginning and you rebuild you life on the successes of the present, and not the defeats of the past.


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