I just found out how poor I am.  It was disconcerting to say the least.

The US debt clock keeps tab on how much I owe and they are planning on collecting as much of it as they can.

The thing of it is, the clock is talking about real money, while it is just figures on a chart it doesn’t mean that it is meaningless, it is a contract I inherited at birth and I am liable for it.

I must admit this frightens me.

 At this writing the debt is in excess of 13 trillion real dollars, just like the one I have in my pocket. The unfunded debt is 109 trillion real dollars. The debt each citizen owes at present is 42 thousand real dollars but since most people don’t pay taxes (this is the reason there is not more of a hue and cry about tax increases) the amount each tax payer owes is about 120 thousand real dollars and climbing.

Now, what I am wondering is, how much can I owe before I will have to declare bankruptcy? And how will I live when my money is taken from me?

Looking at the debt clock it is obvious that I am broke and in more debt than I can pay.  

 One thing I don’t like is people in charge keep giving money away and putting it on my obligation to pay.

If this keeps up I can never get out of debt. I know that this is fair but somehow it doesn’t seem right that I have to pay for debt that I have no say so about, but this is how socialism works.

 Oh, woe is me!!  Check out this clock




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