No Distance in Prayer

 Our brothers and sisters in Japanwho are still suffering and recovering from their waves of anguish, and our loved ones in our USA, Alabama and other Southern states where many are left homeless or dead, are in our prayers.

 We ask God to send them assistance, and as we pray, there are many who are responding to help.  First on the scene are usually Samaritans Purse and Operation Blessing, but they are not alone. 

Rushing to help are Local churches, Firemen, Carpenters, business persons, and a host of others to help rebuild and give immediate aid and comfort.

“Father God, we are a long distance away in time and space to help our brethren, but we do ask that you give wisdom to those who have received financial aid, however small to help provide food and medicine to the hurting.

In You, O God there is no time and distance, and even now may you reach out to give comfort to those suffering grief and loss.

We understand that the earth is groaning and that the soon return of our Lord Jesus is anxiously awaiting the trumpet call.  We know that disaster does not come from you, and that the curse caused by Adam and Eve will soon be broken.

 For now, there are many who need your comfort and kind embrace.  Do reach out in your arms that know NO distance and touch them everyone.”



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Need a Better Future? – by Nancy Kehr Guest

Quit passing on the pain! So many hearts you’ve torn!
Like fatal force of hurricane, filled with hate and scorn

Quit passing on the pain! You chose the path you’re on
It brought you to a place unkind – Vice’s little pawn

Quit passing on the pain! You’re mired with satan’s snare
Spewing blame, accepting none, he’ll always keep you there!

Quit passing on the pain! Livid words foment regret
Hate and spite proliferate, and keep YOU in their debt

Quit passing on the pain! You live behind a curtain
God said that we don’t clearly see what’s going on, that’s certain

Quit passing on the pain! Insight is what you lack…..
Shut the door, don’t give it strength or allow it to come back

Quit passing on the pain! The choice was yours alone
Responsibility yours to take, the problems yours to own

Quit passing on the pain! Stand for it no more.
Don’t fault another situation, Sin crouches at YOUR door!

Quit passing on the pain! In this generation, stop!
The lies of decades put to shame, their servant you are not!

Quit passing on the pain! There is no perfect life.
This broken world has left us all disparity and strife

Quit passing on the pain! It’s time for it to cease
Don’t embrace the devil’s nasty lies, let Jesus bring you peace

Quit passing on the pain! Let healing come right now
Put aside the emptiness, before your Savior bow!

So pass along the pain, to Jesus who has died
To end the pain and set you free, He was crucified!

Pass to Him the Pain! Already He endured
The condition of humanity. In Him we can be cured!

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With Love There is No Time Or Space Guest Post by Nancy Kehr

With Love There is No Time Or Space

With Love there is no time or space
Because I don’t often see your face
That doesn’t mean I love you less
I think you know that…

A tree has leaves in spring, you know
Soon they fade, then off they go
That doesn’t mean its not a tree
I think you know that…

Genuine love is a matter of heart
Commitment dear does not depart
We are bonded by devotion sweet
I think you know that…

God’s Love defies all time and space
Shortcomings are erased by Grace
It means a life that is fuller yet
I know you know that…

With Love there is no time or space
And because I don’t often see your face
It doesn’t mean I love you less
I think you know that…

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Got My Coffee, Got My Chair! Guest Post by Nancy Kehr

Got my coffee, got my chair
Kicking Back, a moment rare…

Thinking on some days gone by
Certain memories make me cry.

Tears of sadness, tears of bliss
Thanking God for, joyfulness

Wishing never, changed a thing
Only God can purpose bring

Life is shorter, than we see
Hurry, scurry….just to be

Looking back now, all too fast
Year have faded, into the past

The past is gone, cannot amend
Today is what I have to tend

I’m glad for Peace that Jesus brings
He gives purpose to everything

Shuffled around so, as a child
Uncertainty trained emotions, wild

It always was hard to believe
Let alone Love to receive

As a child my fears would worsen
But now I am another person

Contentment grows in me each day
I let God come and lead the way

Inside and out, He’s restored
Praise to Jesus! Praise You Lord!

He brought me to, His fountain deep
He said I would be His to keep

I remember, when we met
A place in time I won’t forget

From that day, there’s been a song
He built me up and made me strong

Now it’s my turn, just the same
To build up others in His Name

To help them see that their life matters
And God can patch up all their tatters

A warrior sturdy, of God’s own hand
My own devices cannot stand

That news I bring with clarion sounds
Deliverance flows, when God abounds

Though I can’t see my future time
I thank my God today is mine!

Got my coffee, got my chair
Zest for Life is in the air!!!

Thank you God, for another day!

2/24/11 Nancy Kehr on her Birthday

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Fill Me Up On the Inside by Guest Nancy Kehr

Fill me up on the inside
Help me to give up control
Restore the fellowship I lost
Spirit, and body and soul.

Lord I need You to Help me
Think on the things that are true
In my own strength I can’t make it
Help me draw closer to YOU!

Holy Spirit please guide me
To a place that is higher than me
I need Your faithful protection
As I walk toward my victory

I will be quiet and listen
Your word will clean out all the dross
Your Healing and Your restoration
Will lessen this burden of loss

Jesus You gave me so much
When You gave me new life and new birth
I’m trusting you now with my whole self
In You I have purpose and worth!

Nancy Kehr 2-16-11

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Prayer for Those in Turmoil by Nancy Kehr Guest Post

Hi my Friend!!!

Praying over you today!

I plead the blood of Jesus over your mind and heart.
I thank God that you are being pressurized from the inside.
As you drip the life-giving force of the Word into your inner man
like an IV, I pray that your spirit rises up and gains strength.

The enemy has no power over you to destroy you or to keep you in useless
frustration. I pray that you see that you are more than a conqueror in Christ

I pray that you let the words of your mouth and the meditations of your heart
be acceptable in God’s sight and conform to God’s idea of pure, lovely, and a
good report!. Let Jesus alone strengthen your whole self!

In Jesus Name,

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Guest Post by daughter, Nancy Kehr

Let them Go! By Nancy Kehr 2/10/11

Past rejections, let them go
They can’t control you, so let them flow
So far away, no more they’ll scar
They have no power, to hurt and mar

Jesus freed you, let Him heal
His Life within you, will now reveal
How close to you, He’ll always dwell
Assuring you, all fears He’ll quell

Past mistakes are over and done
You are more than their total sum
Assaulting thoughts, try to condemn
Don’t yield at all, just run to Him!

Your were always, special indeed
God’s strength is what you really need
Accepting you with imperfection
He’s given you His own reflection

Guard your heart and bolt it tight
Think God’s thoughts, walk in His might
You overcome, by what He did
You’re blessed, you’re loved; you are His kid!

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